Our state-of-the-art, full spectrum, Infrared Sauna by Sunlighten is a wellness sanctuary designed to provide the utmost in comfort whilst delivering profound therapeutic health benefits tailored to each user’s personal requirements. 

Positioned perfectly amongst nature with a stunning ocean view, our IR sauna is a warmed pod to escape to, a chance to recharge, a place for some headspace. Listen to a playlist or a podcast, meditate or simply enjoy the peace and solitude whilst soaking up the beautiful surroundings in a private and secluded setting.  Time for you, your health and your wellbeing.


Not all infrared saunas are the same. Our Sunlighten m-Pulse Sauna has patented SoloCarbon 3 in 1® heating technology that not only delivers the highest quality and quantity of infrared energy but also precise combinations of near, mid and far IR wavelengths to accomplish specific, clinically-proven, health benefits.

Choose from one of 6 customised health programs, each one designed to emit the optimal blend of infrared wavelengths to achieve your desired wellness goals.


Time: 37 mins

IR type: Far/Mid

Starting at high intensity this program elevates the body’s core temperature then reduces to a lower, comfortable level. The IR combination improves blood flow to reach and release toxins at a cellular level.


Time: 40 mins

IR type: Far/Mid/Near 

 With a low, comfortable intensity this program will envelope you in a soothing warmth, inducing a deep state of relaxation. It will relax muscle tissue, lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones, calming the nervous system and promoting overall stress reduction. 


Time: 30 mins

IR type: Far/Near

A consistent, low intensity level penetrates the superficial and deeper tissue to alleviate skin concerns. NIR enhances overall complexion, elasticity and firmness,  and provides anti-aging benefits.


Time: 45 mins

IR type: Far/Mid/Near

Use our sauna for a passive cardio work out. This program starts at a high intensity to elevate your heart rate and stimulate the cardiovascular system, then lowering slightly to sustain the heart rate level. Increased blood flow will help aid recovery by reducing inflammation, decreasing muscle soreness and accelerating the healing process.

Pain Relief

Time: 30 mins

IR type: Far/Mid/Near

Delivering a blend of near, mid and far wavelengths this program penetrates into joints, muscles and tissues, increasing circulation and blood flow that is rich in oxygen helping the body to reduce inflammations and heal itself naturally. 

Weight Loss

Time: 30 mins

IR type: Far/Mid/Near

This session starts at a high-intensity level, stimulating the cardiovascular system, then reduces to a medium level. As the body regulates its temperature, the heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate increase, similar to the effects of exercise. Used regularly this program is a great compliment to any weight loss plan.

Most of us, perhaps unknowingly, are familiar with the soothing sensation of infrared light. We have soaked up the healthy and healing rays whilst basking in the sunshine or when sat mesmerised by a campfire. IR light penetrates human tissue on a cellular level, which results in a host of clinically supported health benefits.

Essentially, our smart and safe IR sauna is an effective wellness tool for natural healing and prevention. So if you are looking to nurture your body and get back into balance, IR light therapy may be just the solution you need to incorporate into your wellness routine. Learn more about the health benefits of IR therapy here…

Pain Relief

Natural pain relief is probably one of the most common incentives to use infrared sauna therapy. It’s a great option to relieve those everyday muscular aches or soreness from exercise. It can assist with healing sports injuries as well as reduce chronic pain for those suffering from conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Infrared light waves deeply penetrate into the body’s joints and soft tissue,  increasing blood flow which delivers oxygen and nutrients more efficiently to areas that need healing. Sauna’s also stimulate the release of the body’s natural painkillers, endorphins  (opioid-like chemicals).

Pain management practitioners can incorporate infrared sauna therapy into their treatment plans to decrease pain and muscle spasms and to speed up recovery time.

Mood, Mental Health & Sleep

Unlike traditional saunas which operate at harsher temperatures, infrared is a gentle and soothing heat therapy that promotes relaxation by relieving muscular tension throughout the body and helping the body balance the level of its primary stress hormone, Cortisol.

Research shows that long-term stress raises inflammation levels and is linked to many health problems. Mental health conditions like stress, anxiety and depression can have a significant impact on the physical body.

By calming our nervous system and reducing stress hormones infrared therapy helps to boost mood,  improve brain function and encourage better sleep.

Detoxification & Weight Loss

Sweating is good for our body. It is a safe and natural way to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste that can reside in our cells from environmental chemicals and heavy metals like mercury and lead.

Sunlighten’s high quality and highly efficient infrared heat therapy is a fantastic addition to any detoxification or weight management program. By raising the body’s core temperature our sauna achieves an effortless, deep and productive sweat on a cellular level. As the body works to cool itself, the increase in heart rate and cardiac output provides a passive cardio workout, sparking your metabolism and causing the body to burn calories. An easy, healthy habit to create to help refresh your body and reduce your waistline.

Skin Purification & Wound Healing

Our skin plays an essential role in the protection of our bodies from the external environment. As part of a sauna skin therapy program, our patented full spectrum sauna can help restore, rejuvenate and refresh your skin to achieve a youthful appearance and a clear, glowing complexion.

Near infrared wavelengths (NIR) are the most effective for penetrating the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. They have been shown to stimulate collagen and elastin, two of the key ingredients we need for healthy skin. Increased levels of collagen and elastin reduces wrinkles and improves our skin’s tone and texture. NIR has also been found to stimulate skin cell regeneration and human tissue growth, resulting in its being used for scar reduction and faster wound healing.

Mid and Far infrared wavelengths also play a part in purifying our skin. By targeting deeper tissue they stimulate circulation, unclogging pores and eliminating toxins that can have a negative impact on your skin. 

Our Sunlighten’s Solocarbon 3-in-1® is the only infrared sauna heater on the market with LED near-infrared light therapy. It is expertly designed so that the skin on your entire body will benefit from a sauna therapy session.


Heart Health, Circulation & Blood Pressure

Taking care of your heart is critical to maintaining good health. Your heart is a muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it gets. Infrared sauna therapy increases both your heart rate and circulation. This replicates cardio exercise which strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system.

Our Cardio health program can provide all the benefits of cardio exercise with a “passive  workout” for those with injuries or conditions meaning they are unable to be as physically active.

Clinical research supports Sunlighten saunas as an effective and natural way to help reduce blood pressure. Used regularly alongside a healthy lifestyle, infrared heat therapy can be used to give your heart some love.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land ~  Dharawal Country. We pay respect to Elders past and present, and extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people.


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