Pre Sauna

Consent Form, Policies & Procedures

Before your first visit you will be sent a new client consent and waiver form via SMS. Please complete this by reading and agreeing to follow our Infrared Sauna Policies and Procedures before you arrive.


It is important you are well hydrated before using the sauna. We recommend drinking at least 750ml of water or electrolyte drink before you arrive to sauna with us. Water is provided for during/after your session.

Skin preparation

We recommend removing makeup (wipes can be provided). If you are using the sauna to promote healthy skin you may wish to use a dry body brush before you arrive.

What to wear

We recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing over swimwear/underwear. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting sweaty.

      Your session


On arrival, your therapist will consult with you to settle you in and help choose the best sauna program for you. 


If you would like to listen to a podcast or playlist whilst you sauna, we can connect you to the inbuilt bluetooth speakers.

Time to sauna

Once you are ready, dress down into your sauna attire and hop in to your toasty warm private wellness pod!


Session duration

Most of our sauna programs run for 30-45 minutes. Our sauna sessions allow up to 45 minutes use of the sauna, plus 10 minutes for you to rehydrate and take a shower post sauna should you wish.

      Post Sauna

Dry off

Enjoy the cool wet face cloth provided. Dry off with a towel to avoid any reabsorption of toxins.


It is important that you hydrate well post sauna. We recommend drinking at least 750ml of water or electrolyte drink before you sauna. Water is provided.

Cool down & freshen up

To get the full benefit of the detoxification process, it’s recommended to ideally cool down naturally and wait 15-30 mins post sauna before showering. However, should you need to freshen up before you leave please feel welcome to use our shower facilities. 

Used Linen

Please place your used linen in the laundry basket by the washing machine. Thank you.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this land ~  Dharawal Country. We pay respect to Elders past and present, and extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people.


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